Top 7 Newborn Photography Poses To Try

Top 7 Newborn Photography Poses To Try

Newborn photography poses are designed to capture the beauty, innocence, and delicate features of newborn babies in creative and artistic ways. Find here some popular poses for newborn photography Abu Dhabi to consider for your sessions:

The classic “taco” poses

In the taco pose, the newborn is gently curled up with their knees tucked towards their chest, resembling the shape of a taco. This pose showcases the baby’s tiny features and flexibility. Use soft blankets or wraps to support the baby’s head and ensure they are comfortable and secure.

Froggy poses

The froggy pose is a classic newborn pose where the baby’s hands are placed under their chin, resembling a frog’s position. This pose requires careful handling and support to achieve safely. Use a spotter or assistant to help position the baby’s hands and head while ensuring their comfort throughout.

Potato sack poses

In the potato sack pose, the baby is swaddled snugly in a blanket with their hands and feet tucked close to their body. This pose creates a cozy and wrapped-up look that focuses on the baby’s small size and features. Ensure the swaddle is secure but not too tight to allow for natural movement and comfort.

Chin on hands pose

Position the newborn with their chin resting gently on their hands, which are propped up under their cheek. This pose highlights the baby’s facial features and expressions, capturing a serene and contemplative look. Use soft props or blankets to support the baby’s head and hands comfortably.

Side-lying pose

Lay the newborn on their side, with their head resting on their hands or arms. This pose is natural and allows for capturing the baby’s profile and body contours. Use soft blankets or cushions to support the baby’s body and ensure they are positioned safely and comfortably.

Parent and baby poses

Incorporate parents or siblings into the photoshoot for heartwarming and intimate portraits. Have parents cradle the newborn in their arms or snuggle close together for family bonding shots. These poses capture genuine emotions and connections within the family, creating memorable and cherished photographs.

Prop-based poses

Use props such as baskets, crates, bowls, or nests to create charming and whimsical setups for newborn photography. Place the baby snugly inside the prop, ensuring they are comfortably supported. Props add visual interest and context to newborn portraits while showcasing the baby’s size and features in creative ways.