Reasons of hiring an experienced lawyer for EB-5 application

EB-5 application is quite useful in obtaining permanent residency in US as it is mentioned in their rules that any foreign investor willing to invest around $500,000 to $1,000,000 for the betterment of US economy will be granted a permanent residency or in other words a US green card. This green card is particularly for the investor and his immediate family members like spouse or kids with single marital status. This is an ideal opportunity for all the investors and getting US green card is the dream of almost every person but its complicity and long list of requirements consumes several years to approve the application of normal applicants.

But still this process is not that much simple and one single mistake could reject your application or could increase the approval time duration which is quite undesirable as everyone wants this application to get approved as soon as possible with lesser inconvenience so that they could start a new life in US with their family as permanent residents. For this purpose hiring an EB 5 immigration attorney would be the best option as you will require an experienced immigration lawyer who is specifically expert in dealing the cases regarding EB-5 applications, following are some reasons to justify this aspect.

They make the application process feasible

Although the investors would be having sufficient amount required to invest for EB-5 application approval but still the application process is not so simple and even the smartest investor would get confused in such complicated paperwork. This confusion will be the main cause of mistakes which would ultimately lead to the rejection of the application so it is advised to hire an EB-5 expert immigration lawyer who could handle this entire application process in the most rightful way.

They possess valid knowledge about the requirements

Another reason to hire an experienced lawyer for your EB-5 application is that he posses all the valid knowledge regarding this aspect. This is quite necessary because getting an EB-5 visa is not only about paying the amount required for investment in fact it includes several other important steps as well to accomplish this entire application procedure. It will demand a specific eligibility criteria, certain important documents, fees at each stage and other essential requirements which is only known by a professional EB-5 lawyer.

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