Types of nursery schools for kids

As soon as children reach the age of three, parents cannot control them completely. Therefore, they look for nursery schools for their kids where a big deal of child’s prying is fulfilled. However, it becomes a challenge to admit them in a nursery because there are so many nursery options.

Children with ages from 3-5 are usually called as preschoolers. Parents admit them in nursery schools, kindergartens and day-cares. There are several nursery school programs in every country like Montessori, parent co-ops and bank street. Some of the famous types of nursery programs are:


This type of nursery school allows children to learn at their speed. Therefore, they learn and explore there through objects and environment.

Montessori was developed by an educator named Maria Montessori to promote creativity, individuality and first-hand learning. The goal of this nursery school is to fully develop a child’s ability and creativity.

Parent Co-Ops

This type of schooling is for those parents who want to be fully involved in their kids’ learning and progress. It uses a cooperative approach where parents stay and work together with the school teachers. Parents have the chance to choose a teacher and are there for their kids in the classroom and note down their modified behaviours. 

Bank street

Based on the educational technique by John Dewyn, Bank street’s main pupose is to improve a child’s mental, social and emotional growth. Children in such schools get experience and use that experience to gain knowledge of the situation from the world. Teachers do not rush kids to learn in standard pace.


This nursery school program nurtures the spiritual being of the child, it is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. This kind of leaning ensures the supportive environment needed, and a routine for daily to weekly activities, creating a sense of balance and punctuality. It drives the talents of the kids who work best with clear schedules.

So these are a few main types of nurseries in the world. You can find them in every country. Montessori nurseries in Dubai are very common. There are activities in nurseries in Springs, Dubai to improve their learning and thought process. You can visit their sites to know the admission procedure and details of their school. Many of them are very expensive. Therefore, see their expenses and fee as well.