Types of Food Services

Being a foodie is healthy and it is a great obsession as well. People go to far of places to try different types of delicacies and being a foodie can also make you rich. You must be wondering that how being a foodie will get me some bucks? Well, you can set up a social media page or a site and visit your own city first and try out all kinds of foods with a camera, record about them and explain the taste and everything about that cuisine.

Since there are millions of foodies out there, some group of people will def become fan of your effort. The presentation is of food has become more important than the taste and that is why there are different types of food services. If you are a foodie or you are about to open a restaurant and want to know about the types of food services then you have arrived at the right site and reading the right post because we have stated about the different types of food services and we got maximum tip from food service in UAE and coffee supplier    in UAE, so keep reading to find out about those types;

  1. The first type of service is table service. This is also called the English style service where the waiters will come to your table and serve you food at your plate. It is also known as the pre plated service. Usually in this service, the waiter will wait beside your table or just about a meter or two meters away so that the guests don’t get bothered of calling loud and wait much to get served again.
  2. Then there is the English service and it is also known as family service. In this service, you get to be served in a large tray with big portion of different meals. They can also be large bowls and large platters and these are also served by waiters but they are not assigned to each table. The guests usually pass the large platter or the bowl around the table if the table is big or the guests get up and fill their plates.
  3. Then there is French service. This is the kind of service which includes different courses of meals and it is very much expensive.