Things you should eat during menstruation

Menstruation is the most hateful process that every girl and woman has to bear every month for seven to fourteen days. Many of the ladies have too much pain and cramps during the cycle because of the excessive loss of blood. Therefore, they are advised to eat healthy food and focus on their diet. Many dieticians provide a plan for healthy meals in Dubai to assist women. Yet, some women could not afford to go to dieticians. If you are one of them then scroll down and see what you should eat when you are on periods!

Vegetables and Fruits: Green leafy vegetables and crunchy fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that would reduce cramps and pain. Therefore, have salad and fruits in snacks during menstruation to maintain your health.

Foods that have Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3s can reduce pain and cramps a lot. Doctors conducted a study in 2012 in which they gave Omega-3s supplements to half of the women and placebos to remaining women. Women that had omega-3 reported an excessive reduction in pain. Therefore, include chia seeds, tuna and salmon in your diet and make menstrual days easy.

Iron: Women should eat foods that are rich in iron during menstruation because they lose blood during the cycle that results in loss of iron. Many women suffer from anaemia who have excessive bleeding. To increase iron in your diet during the cycle, add dark chocolates, beans and liver in your diet. You can even have cereal and spinach as well. They are rich in iron too. 

Dairy products: Milk, yoghurt and cheese are rich in calcium and minerals. Many women have pain in bones when they have a period. To flush away the pain, have a cup of milk and a slice of cheese in breakfast for these seven days. It will make the cycle easy to go through and keep you healthy as well. 

Smoothie: Smoothie is one of the most refreshing drink you can have in breakfast or supper. All you have to do is to add your favourite fruits and yoghurt in the blender to mix them and then drink scrumptious drink. Smoothie could provide you with essential nutrients that help you to go through the cycle without feeling much pain and cramps.

Water: Eight glasses of water have a solution to everything. They can provide enough hydrogen and liquidity to your body that you would feel light and energetic. The more you drink water the less you have pain and healthier you will be.  

So, these are top foods and nutrients that you should have to reduce cramps. You can call at diet food delivery in Abu Dhabi as they provide healthy and nutritious food.