The Best Accountant of All Time

If it was not for accountants, there would be companies getting bankrupt every now and then. you must be wondering that why is that so, well imagine, that you have a company and it is obvious that you need an accountant.

And if you did accountancy yourself, you would end up doing wrong calculations for many times and you would think that your company is in loss whereas, the calculations are far more than adding and subtracting.

That is why hiring the best accounting and auditing firms in Dubai who have the tax residency certificate in UAE, there are people who will come up to saying that it is a waste of money because they are expensive. but you cannot spend much time here since you have other business things to do.

If you are about to become an accountant and you want to get motivated and not leave this field then we suggested that you go through the list below and see the accountants that left a mark on the world, keep reading to know more;

  1. The first and the very first accountant was in the start of 15th century and he had came from the old Mesopotamia. These were a team of men and women who had to take the daily book from the temples, farmers and all sorts of merchants. And this was considered as a cultural thing. Some scientists believe that the writing was developed by ancient accountants because they needed to write the receiving and the buying details.
  2. Again we have to stay in 15th century and we will know about Luca Pacioli and he was from Italy and he was the first person to invent the ledger system and he was called the first ever Franciscan and he was said to be so made about accounting that he would not sleep if he did not equal the debit and the credit. And wrote books like;
  3. Summa de arithmetica
  4. Geometria
  5. Proportioni et proportionalia

And these books are said to mention the latest accounting field of today like;

  • Accounts of assets.
  • Liabilities.
  • Capital.
  • Income.
  • Expenses.

And he is called the father of accounting.

  • Now let us go to the 17th century and meet Robert Colinson and Thomas Stevens and they did revolutionary accounting in the 1500’s to 1600’s.