A list of Filipino specialty foods

Food is the necessity for living because human body needs different kinds of nutrients and these nutrients will come from the food. There are different kinds of food like vegetables, fruits, lentils, and meat. They all have different nutrients so a combination of these foods should be taken each day. There are many countries in this world and they all have different cuisines and their specialties. If you want to eat the best Filipino food in Dubai then you have to go to the Filipino hotel or you can get the Filipino food online delivery to enjoy that food at your home. To know more about this food you have to see this below:

Adobo: It is the most famous dish of Filipinas and everyone loves to eat this dish. It is made up of chicken meat which is simmered in soya sauce and vinegar to add the little sour taste in the chicken and then paper corn and bay leaves are added to give the extra rich taste to it. It can be served with the boiled rice or alone.

Kare-kare: This is an amazing stew which is made from the peanut sauce and oxtail but sometimes beef chunks are also added to them in order to make it more delicious. People want to eat it along with a great paste made by the seafood. It is a good combination to eat with a great taste to enjoy.

Sinigang: It is a classic dish made with tamarind to add the tangy taste to it. It is full of different vegetables and meat. Kale, green chili, and many other vegetables can be added according to the likes of the person and there are different variants of this dish in which different kinds of meat can be used. It can be shrimp, chicken or fish.

Pancit Guisado: Noodles are called Pancit in Filipino and tis dish is very famous in foreigners who go to Philippine. This dish is normally served in the parties like on a birthday. Noodles are taken as the sign of long life that’s why they are served in birthday parties to wish a happy long life to the birthday person. In this dish vegetables and meat are cooked in soy sauce and broth and then added to the sauté noodles just before serving to the guests in party.