Scroll down and read 14 interesting facts about cars! The world’s first car was invented by Carl Benz. He was a German automotive engineer. Benz’s car was known as Benz Patent Motorwagen. Benz Patent’s speed was 16 km per hour. It seems that people spend money carelessly on cars andContinue Reading

Every business has its own pros and cons and no matter how many the cons are, when the pros come in bulk, you stop regretting that you opened this business. Every country has the ways of partying in their own ways and if a country is not allowed to partyContinue Reading

Every house has at least one set of sofa in their house and sometimes these sofas will stay there for long and people will not change them because it is an expensive item. These cannot be bought every other year but they get dirty with usage and with passage ofContinue Reading

There are a number of people who are seen working hard every now and then. This is being done because such people have some goals in their life. They want to fulfill all their dreams and wishes, no matter what happens. Such people do work hard with a lot ofContinue Reading

As we know, Dubai is known for its hospitality therefore people from all around the world visit Dubai for the sake of business, tourism and enjoyment. Dubai is turning into a business and tourism hub due to which all the mega events are organized in UAE. Dubai Festivals and RetailContinue Reading

When it comes to 3m window tinting in Dubai, you are probably making the best choice of all. Issued back in 1966, this tint is one of the most popular window tints right now. The window tint has mainly gained its popularity due to its strength and quality. This windowContinue Reading

There are such careers that we sometimes are compelled to think that if this person was not here, what we could have done and all the other things like that. every career has its own significance and there are many of us who had a dream job. Like some ofContinue Reading

Being a foodie is healthy and it is a great obsession as well. People go to far of places to try different types of delicacies and being a foodie can also make you rich. You must be wondering that how being a foodie will get me some bucks? Well, youContinue Reading